Tropical & Marine Fish in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Give your home or apartment a splash of color when you come to Whiteway Pet Shop in Elizabeth, New Jersey, for affordable tropical and marine fish.
**New fish arriving twice a week**
Colorful pets — Whiteway Pet Shop in Elizabeth, NJ

Colorful Pets

When you don't have a lot of time to spare on a pet, fish might be the perfect option for you. Our pet store carries hundreds of colorful tropical and marine fish. Recently, our shop has expanded the coral section to include marine fish.

Tropical or marine fish — Whiteway Pet Shop in Elizabeth, NJ

A Home for Your Fish

After picking your new pets, you need a place to keep them. For your convenience, our store has many different aquariums for fresh and marine fish. From small up to 55-gallon tanks, we have the ideal home for your tropical or marine fish. You also have the option to special order a particular sized tank.

Get a low-maintenance pet that's perfect for your lifestyle. Contact us today to see if we have the type of fish you want available.